Lauren and Siobhan share their Foundation Apprenticeship success stories

Lauren and Siobhan

Former Galashiels Academy pupils, Siobhan and Lauren Call, completed their Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services Children and Young People at SCQF level 6, completing in May 2021. Lauren and Siobhan were part of a group of six foundation apprentices from Secondary Schools throughout the Scottish Borders.

Foundation Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and an industry-recognised qualification that supports future pathways into college, employment, Modern Apprenticeships and university.

Apprenticeships of this kind also support young people to gain industry knowledge and experience whilst they are still in school. Foundation Apprenticeships are offered across several subject areas and SCQF levels, enabling the creation and development of career pathways.

Part of Siobhan and Lauren’s course was completed during the lockdown, which posed further challenges. Both Galashiels Academy pupils flourished and showed a determination to succeed and thrive to better their knowledge and skills.

Read Lauren’s story below:

"In S5 I decided to take part in the Schools Academy Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services Children and Young People, through Borders College, because I wanted to expand my knowledge on children and young people and learn what is required to work with them in different environments/settings. By taking part in this course I was able to apply to university with confidence, knowing that I have some background knowledge and experience.

“Taking part in the Schools Academy programme with Borders College over the past two years has been a really enjoyable experience. Both before and during Covid-19 the staff and Assessors were great at offering assistance and support to help you improve. I enjoyed how I could take this course on a Tuesday/Thursday afternoon, as well as attending school, to gain this level 6 award which is recognised by SQA.

“Having had previous experience working with Children and Young People at different settings when volunteering, I was able to use that knowledge I had learned during the course. I learned a lot of new skills which include; development of children and young people, safeguarding, play etc. Having learned this, when I move forward to work with children and young people, I have the experience and understanding which others may not have.

“I look forward to expanding what I have learned from the College at University. Having taken part in this course I feel more prepared for what to expect when going to University in September.”

Read Siobhan’s story below:

“I decided that I wanted to take part in the Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services Children and Young People through Borders College and Skills Development Scotland because I knew that the course would allow me to progress into higher education to fulfil a career, working with young people in the community.

“Although I have had past experience working with young people through volunteering, I feel I have learned new skills and such as how to plan activities following work settings procedures. In general, this course has allowed me to gain more experience and have a greater understanding of what it would be like working with young people.

“The knowledge I have gained and the reflections I have done of my own practice throughout the apprenticeship makes me feel more confident and prepared for starting my studies at University in September.”

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