SBHA increases efficiency with Thermal Imaging training

SBHA staff using thermal imaging equipment

Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) team members recently undertook training with Borders College Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI) for an Introduction to Thermal Imaging.

Funded through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF), six members of the Borders-based housing company, including John Gray, Duncan Combe, Tommy Williamson, Ryan McGee, Greig Murray and Colin Sandilands, took part in the state-of-the-art training at the College’s Hawick Campus.

This course was developed to provide the user with a basic understanding and the principles of thermal imaging equipment. Delegates were taken through the science of thermal imaging, including why it is so useful, the importance of temperature, radiation properties, heat transfer modes and the setting up of the infrared equipment.

The course also explained how thermal imaging cameras can be utilised to accurately measure the temperature of objects, or to identify a range of construction-related issues. This included heat loss from buildings, insulation properties and identification of water leaks.

The training compiled a presentation with practical exercises and a series of good and bad examples. Delegates were then given time with the equipment scanning the building to hone their skills, by identifying additional areas of concern.

An SBHA team member commented, saying:

“The course was very well organised and covered interesting elements to take into the workplace."

SBHA has accessed FWDF funding to provide a number of innovative training sessions to their staff through Borders College, helping to upskill their workforce in the newest technologies.

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