Shona ‘serves up’ a management masterclass

Shona Goodfellow

Shona Goodfellow, who completed her Modern Apprenticeship in Management SCQF Level 7, shares her success story with us:

“I work for Cheviot Youth in Kelso and had a promotion from Café Assistant to Café Supervisor in June 2020. My manager asked if I would like to undertake a management course to give me more insight into a management role.

“I started my management course in September 2020 and completed my course by May 2021. I have really enjoyed the course but at times it has been challenging. 

“The challenges came about because, in the process of undertaking my course, we had 2 lockdowns and, as a mother of two, I had to home school both of my children. Along with this, my work role changed from Café Supervisor to supplying and distributing food bags for those in the local community who needed support. 

“The course was one that I could do from home. It was a competency-based course that meant I could gather evidence from work and use this to help me complete my assignments. During the course, my Assessor Alan Elder was amazing and helped me so much. There were a good few times I would message Alan and tell him I was having difficulty with a particular point and Alan would arrange to call and talk me through what needed to be done. With his support, we would set a goal for every week or every 2 weeks – I would send in my work by email or load it up to my e-portfiolio (Smart Assessor) and get feedback on this and then plan the next steps. This worked, and I always managed to complete the tasks set, in the time given, and as time went on, I’d complete more than was asked! I set myself a target of completing my management course by Easter 2021 and got finished just after that.”

Borders College Tutor/Assessor Alan Elder commented:

“As Shona’s tutor/assessor, it has been great to see her confidence and abilities grow. She kept up a constant pace from the start and this helped her get finished in good time. Over the course of her award, her work grew in quantity and quality, and she never missed a deadline – well done!”

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