Strategic Ambition 2020–2025

Our Strategic Ambition sets out how we will respond to our regional and national socio-economic priorities as the leading provider for skills development in the Borders and beyond.

Regionally focused – Globally Engaged

Borders College will continue to play a critical role in advancing an inclusive economy for Scotland. Building on our expertise and knowledge, we will work in partnership with others to draw on specific expertise in order to continue to provide excellence in a rapidly changing world.

The significant contribution our staff make to delivering outstanding and innovative learning approaches for our students and employers is valued. We will continue to recognise our staff as our biggest asset and will continue to listen, support and invest in their development so that we retain a culture which reflects our values and behaviours.

The opportunities for the Borders are significant, with the establishment of a South of Scotland Enterprise Agency, being part of the Edinburgh and South East City Region Deal and Borderlands Deal. Advances in technology mean that we will live and work within an interconnected global network. We will provide our alumni with the knowledge, skills and values they need to embrace the opportunities and challenges they will encounter as global citizens.

As a progressive organisation, we will continue to be regionally focused but globally engaged to ensure the successful delivery of our purpose-driven strategic ambition. 


Borders College Strategic Ambition 2020–2025