Borders Further Education Trust

Borders Further Education Trust (BFET) is an independent charity set up to enhance the education experience for further education students in the Scottish Borders.

The Trust uses its funds to support:

  • the delivery of improved teaching accommodation, facilities and/or equipment;
  • the development of teaching materials;
  • the delivery of courses.

In pursuit of these aims, the Trust works closely with Borders College, the largest provider of further education in the Borders, and takes advice from professionals on the educational worth of bids for funding which it receives.  The Trust also takes cognisance of the objectives of the Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership in making its awards of funding

The Trust is established as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and has a board of Trustees. The members of the board are currently:

  • Heather Anderson – Chair
  • Ross Dickinson
  • Angela Farnish
  • Linda Ross – Treasurer
  • Pete Smith
  • Marshall Wilson – Secretary
  • Ewan Jackson

Guidance on application for funding from the Borders Further Education Trust

  1. Applications for financial support from the Trust will only be considered from organisations and bodies with a written constitution or governing document.
  2. The Trust aims to support organisations in their provision of further education and training within the Scottish Borders region.
  3. Trust funding may be used for projects or initiatives which support:
    (a) the delivery of improved teaching accommodation, facilities and/or equipment
    (b) the development of teaching materials
    (c) the delivery of courses
  4. The Trust will not make any award of funding for a project which will duplicate or conflict with existing or planned further education provision in the region. Projects should be designed to complement existing activity or to enhance and improve the learning and training experience available in the region.
  5. The Trust would be pleased to receive applications which show evidence of collaboration between organisations.
  6. Applications should make clear the overall aim of the project for which funding is requested, and outline the outcomes which will be achieved. It is important to indicate the additional benefits to learning and training in the Scottish Borders which will result from the project.  Any funding from other sources for the project should be indicated including matched funding from the applying organisation.
  7. The Trust will consider applications at each meeting.  The dates of future meetings are available from the Secretary.  Application should be received at least 2 weeks in advance of a meeting in order to be considered.

Application Forms

Forms for application are available from the Trust Secretary to whom they should be returned at the address below. You can also download the application form below:

The Secretary, 
Borders Further Education Trust,
Borders College,
Scottish Borders Campus,
Netherdale Road,
Galashiels, TD1 3HE

Applications for funding will be considered from any properly constituted organisation which can show that its aims are compatible with those of the Trust. Applications will be considered at the next available meeting of the Trust Board, but must be received 2 weeks in advance of any meeting in order to be considered. They should be sent to the Secretary of the Trust at its registered office Borders College.

Project Funding Application Form

Please click on the link to download a Word version of the application form.


Example of projects that the Trust have been involved in

A smarter way to be assessed

As part of its continued commitment to the development of online assessment, the Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation at Borders College is excited to announce the implementation of a new e-portfolio.

Click here for full details.
Man on computer
image of a lecture theatre in borders college

Borders College small lecture theatre

£18,000 for the refurbishment of the Borders College small lecture theatre.  The appearance and comfort of the lecture theatre was greatly improved.

Greenpower Racing

£7,500 for purchase of Greenpower Racing kits for Borders College to allow engagement in the development of, and competition with electrically powered vehicles. The project also benefited pupils in local schools and enabled collaboration with Heriot-Watt University and local schools.

two students sat facing computers

Borders College IT infrastructure

£380,000 for major upgrade to Borders College IT infrastructure including upgrades to servers and desktop and laptop computers