Borders College Sustainability Strategy 2020 - 2025

Borders College is committed to working collaboratively to respond to the global climate emergency. 

Sustainability at Borders College

Our Strategy

The climate emergency has redefined sustainability, taking it from a component of corporate social responsibility, escalating it to become a leadership essential, to be placed at the heart of all of our plans.

This strategy is our opportunity to continue our journey from good to great. We will demonstrate the importance of moving towards a more sustainable society through our work as an instigator of behavioural change, ensure relevance and impact on a global scale by committing to the circular economy and developing our staff and students to become global citizens. Our strategic objectives are overarching, enabling us to respond to emerging issues and continuous change.

Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025

Borders College Emssions Graph

To track our progress to Net Zero, Borders College reports its annual emissions from various sources in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Borders Emssiosn Graph