Progression to University or other Colleges

Borders College has extensive articulation routes with universities across the country. Articulation means progression from one course to another and is usually used when referring to progression routes from college to a degree at university.

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Progression to University or other Colleges
Borders College promote known progression routes to other Colleges and Universities within their Course Guide and online.  Students who wish to pursue a progression opportunity should first clarify the latest entry requirements for that organisation before committing to any course of study with us.  

Important Notice:

Borders College has no control over entry requirements or any changes to entry requirements for courses at other Colleges or Universities.

The Open University and Borders College

Borders College is working with The Open University in Scotland (OU) to create flexible opportunities for students who wish to progress from their Higher National study to a part-time degree.

The OU’s BA or BSc (Open) degree allows students to choose from a wide range of OU modules tailored to their personal and vocational needs. This allows students to either build on the subject areas studied in college or provides the flexibility to develop skills and knowledge in other subject areas.

Students with an HND can transfer up to 240 credits towards the OU’s 360 credit BA or BSc (Open) with Honours. Similarly, a student with an HNC can normally transfer between 90 and 120 credits towards the 300 credit BA or BSc (Open) or the 360 credit BA/BSc (Open) with Honours. Honours degrees in named subjects are also available and further information on credit transfer is available on request.

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