Immersive Classroom

The 360-degree room creates a 3D digital projection which uses all four classroom walls and the ceiling to bring the real construction world into an immersive experience for students using EE’s 5G network.

Immersive space classroom

The Immersive Classroom allows our students the opportunity to look at realistic working environments and new technologies that perhaps they would not be able to access unless they travel out of college.

Innovative technology has allowed a room in the college to be transformed into an exciting and immersive teaching environment that can be used by both students as well as local people in the surrounding area.

The technology will also allow Borders College students, taking courses from engineering to medical and health and social care, to benefit from the unique learning experiences of the immersive space. Students have the opportunity to manage real-life scenarios and increase their understanding of what the reality is of working in each career path.

The new immersive classroom in Borders College is just one of several trials across the UK demonstrating how ultrafast technology like 5G can help transform local communities.

Immersive space classroom 2

BT Immersive Classroom

Creating opportunities for Scotland through immersive experiances.

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