Quality of Service

We have several initiatives in place to ensure that our services meet the highest standard. 

We want to make sure that everyone who comes to College finds their studies interesting, engaging and challenging, and our programmes are designed to help prepare students for work and further study or to help them progress in their careers. We have several ways of checking our services:

Regional Board

Our Regional Board’s membership is drawn from the local community, with responsibility for overseeing the services we provide and holding the College to account. They make sure that what we offer fits with what our local community, businesses and young people need. Vacancies occur on our Board from time-to-time and are advertised in the local press. We welcome applications from interested persons who feel they could contribute to making the College an excellent place to study.

Find out more about the Regional Board. 

Faculty Councils

Each faculty has a Council made up of the elected student representatives from each class and the faculty’s managers. The Faculty Councils meet three times each year to discuss the quality of service provided and often provide useful insights into how improvements can be made. 


We monitor how well our students are progressing and how many achieve their award. To do this we use a set of nationally agreed performance indicators (PIs). Where the results are below our expectations we investigate the causes and make changes to ensure our students are on the right courses with the best chance of success. Through this approach we are consistently amongst the highest performing colleges in Scotland. These PIs are published by the Scottish Funding Council on the reports and publications section of their website annually, providing performance data for every college in Scotland. In the future, colleges may publish their own data.

We do publish our annual reports analysing applications, enrolments and achievement for different protected characteristics.  These reports analyse whether there are differences occurring depending on a person’s age, gender, ethnicity, postcode or disability. 

Seeking Views

We hold focus groups with students and review with them the quality of their courses and other services. These views help us to make changes where they are needed. We also conduct annual surveys of current students to get a broader view of the quality of what we are offering, and of students who left the previous year to find out what they are doing now. This all helps us to improve our services.

Making a Complaint

We recognise that sometimes a service will fall below the standard we expect and we welcome complaints if someone feels that this is the case. Anyone can make a complaint about a service we offer. We will listen to the complainant and try to resolve the concern as quickly as possible. This website provides full details on how we receive and handle complaints. You can find out more by visiting our complaints page