PDA Team Leadership and Management @ SCQF Level 7

Why choose Borders College? We offer great support and have excellent candidate success levels. We consistently receive positive feedback about our quality from candidates, employers and SQA.PDAs are Professional Development Awards which are work based qualifications. The PDA Team Leadership and Management @ SCQF level 7 is for those in a formal team leadership role who provide direction and motivation to ensure team success.

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The PDA consists of two units, one mandatory and one optional.Candidates can opt for either an e-portfolio or a traditional paper one.Full training is given in each method, how to approach the award and how to gather evidence.


At your workplace - an assessor will visit regularly and provide personalised guidance and support. Assessors and candidates may also use our Borders College sites for meetings and to use computer facilities.


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Entry requirements

Candidate must work in a suitable role.


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