Scottish Racing Academy

The Scottish Racing Academy (SRA)

The Scottish Racing Academy aims to provide learner-based training for anyone who would like to learn the skills required to gain employment in one of many roles in racing, as well for anyone who already works in the horseracing industry and wishes to upskill their knowledge.

The Scottish Racing Academy (SRA)

The new qualifications have all been written to provide choice to learners whilst nurturing talent. This innovative approach has been built on an evidenced need to address the well-documented challenges in recruiting and retaining high quality, skilled racing staff that currently affects the industry across Britain, including Scotland.

Ultimately, the Scottish Racing Academy represents a collaboration between Scottish Racing, Scottish and British Horseracing industry partners and Borders College.

The development of the Scottish Racing Academy is thanks to the Racing Foundation who are committed to invest in the industry’s people agenda to attract, develop and retain more staff.

The Scottish Horseracing Academy qualifications satisfy the British Horseracing Authority’s the ‘under 19 rule’ within the General Instructions.

Students on the programme will also benefit from Racing Welfare’s Careers Advice and Training Services (CATS) support. This service can be used by anyone who wants to progress and develop within their job role or within the wider British horseracing industry. CATS support service is tailored to the individual with at least two meetings with Racing Welfare worker per academic year.

The qualifications aim to provide foundation knowledge and skills in racehorse care, riding, exercising and industry regulations. In addition, these qualifications aim to implement inclusive, sustainable education and training programs that can provide opportunities within horseracing by identifying gaps in provision, promoting mutual support and up-skilling current stable staff.

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Scottish Racing Academy

Horse racing is the second most popular spectator sport in Scotland – and unlike many other countries, it operates as a year round sport.

The Scottish Racing Academy has partnered with leading educational centres to help people learn the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in horse racing.

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